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Maxi Skirts

This summer, we are obsessed with maxi skirts! You can find them at affordable prices at places like Target and Forever 21.

We got this black maxi skirt for $13 at a local boutique called The Closet. It’s super versatile and so comfy! We loved it so much we went back and got it in different color combinations.

IMG_3610Pair it with a crop top, bralette, or cami, and top with bohemian accessories for an easy breezy summer outfit.

We also love this maxi skirt we got from Foreign Exchange for around $20. It has an opaque thigh-length skirt beneath, but boasts a sheer and sparkly layer above that. We took a more revealing route by pairing it with a simple black bralette, but you can pair it with any blouse Рjust tuck it in so the embroidery remains the focus! 


We can’t find the skirt on Foreign Exchange’s website anymore, but here is a similar one on sale for $18. Happy shopping!